Weld-inThermowell type (WI/WK)

Standard Specification Overview

WI Bar-stock Plain weld-in type

WK Bar-stock Socket weld type

Stem Outer diameter

A wide variety of tube or pipe sizes in a variety of schedules subject to requirements and process conditions.

Well Material

A wide range of materials are available including 304, 316, 321 stainless steel, 446 Cr-Fe, Carbon Steel, Chromium Steels, Hastelloy C22, C276 and X, Incoloy 800, Inconel 600, Monel 600 and Titanium.

Instrument Connection

Female in API, NPT, BSP or other thread forms.

Insertion Length:

100 mm to 300 mm, higher on request

Bore Dia:

7 mm to 9.8mm

Process Connection

Connection to the pipe or vessel may be by means of weld in type or socket weld. Weld in thermowells are normally used where process pressure and velocities are too great for flanged and threaded or where long term inexpensive connections are required.


PTFE Lining, Stellite coating

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