Elevating Industries, One Measurement at a Time.​

At Qyasat Altaqa Company, our journey over the years has been marked by continual improvement.



Global Tech

Our partnership with HISCO introduces world-class techniques, but our essence is purely Saudi. We proudly uphold the Saudization policy, providing stellar job opportunities  to our local community.



Quality Above All

Each product is a testament to unmatched quality and reliability, serving diverse sectors from Oil & Gas to Power and Process Industries. Consistency and innovation define our brand.



Raising the Bar

With a focus on continuous growth, we enrich our work environment and policies, ensuring excellence in every facet. Join us as we merge tradition with innovation; embracing the 2030 vision.

10 Years of Success in the Local Market

Every instrument that leaves our factory floor is a promise of unparalleled quality and enduring reliability. Catering to diverse sectors – from Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals to Power and Process Industries – we ensure that our products seamlessly integrate with complex systems and consistently deliver results. Our rigorous quality checks and commitment to innovation have cemented our reputation in the industry.

Highest Standards


Staying connected and transparent is vital. At QYASAT ALTAQA, we prioritize open dialogues with our partners, clients, and stakeholders. Such dialogues ensures our commitment to outstanding results.

Audit & Evaluation

Quality is a non-negotiable standard for us. Our rigorous audit and evaluation processes ensure that every instrument we manufacture stands up to international benchmarks.

Consumer Markets

We deeply understand the diverse needs of the Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Power, and Process Industries sectors. Our tailor-made solutions cater to the specific requirements of these markets.

Financial Advantage

At the heart of our operations is a robust financial structure. We ensure timely deliveries, fair pricing, and seamless transactions, making the procurement process efficient for all our clients.

Taxes & Efficiency

We are committed to the economic progression of the Kingdom. While we ensure full compliance with all taxation policies, our operations are optimized for efficiency and the best value.

Estate Planning

A vision without a plan is just a dream. Our forward-thinking approach encompasses not just our immediate goals but also our long-term ambitions to remains a beacon of excellence.

Skills & Expertise

Dynamically Innovate

At Qyasat Altaqa Company, our journey over the years has been marked by continual improvement. Be it our top-of-the-line products, our nurturing work environment, or our progressive HR policies, we strive for excellence in every endeavor. Partner with us and experience a blend of tradition and innovation, precision and passion, commitment and craftsmanship.