2201-Non Metallic Protection Tube Thermocouple Sensor (220)

Standard Specification Overview

Head type

Explosion Proof Aluminum Head (Single/Double Conduits)- Eex d IIC T5

General Aluminum Head (Single Conduits) (IP65)

General Stainless Steel Head (Single Conduits) (IP65)

Element type

“B” – 200 ~ 1700°C

“R” – 0 ~ 1600°C

“S” – 0 ~ 1600°C

“K” – 200 ~ 1200°C

Protection tube size(O.D. x I.D.)

6.0 x 4.0mm, 8.0 x 5.0mm, 10.0 x 6.0mm

Number of Conductor wire

2-wires, 4-wires

Number of Element

single, double


Class 1 (0.75), Class 2 (0.4)

Operating Temperature Range

-200 ~ 1700°C

Hot Junctions

Grounded, Ungrounded, Exposed

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