121T-Bimetalic Fixed type Temperature Gauge (121T)

Standard Specification Overview

Dial Size

75mm, 100mm

Reference Accuracy

±2.0% of Full Scale

Scale Ranges

•-50 ~ 0 ~ 500°C

Process Connection

 PT (“R” in ISO) 1/4″, 1/2“

 Mounting Location: Center Back, Direct.

 Stem Diameter: 6.4mm


Case: Chrome Plated Steel l (121T) (Cover) : Chrome Plated Steel (121T), 430 SS (123T) Connection : Chrome Plated Steel

Stem : 304 SS

Window : Glass

Dial : White Aluminum with Black Graduations Pointer : Aluminum Alloy, Black Finished.

Optional Extra

Code T1: Test Report by Manufacturer

Code CM: Connection Material (304 SS)

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