MetroWin Software

MetroWin Software

MetroWin is the software used to operate the Metrolog recorders and to produce various reports from the data acquired.
It allows to :

  •     test a recorder,
  •     program it (thus erasing its memory) and start data acquisition,
  •     read it after the operation is completed,
  •     produce various reports and plots of the data acquired and
  •     export the data under various formats for further treatment by other software.

Metrowin can be run on any computer under Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10.

  •     PC computer running under Windows (2000, XP or Vista)
  •     64Mb of RAM
  •     50 Mb of hard disk space
  •     USB/RS232 connection for tool conection
  •     USB port for import/export

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